Door County Plien Air Competition

I know that these aren't be best photographs of these but they are what I have.
I must say that I was so excited about doing this show all year. I meant so much to be able to attend. It was hard to put it into words but a friend helped me figure it out. I was  so important because from sun up to sun down, my only role was artist.  I wasn't responsible fro anything but  myself and what I made and although that intensity was heavy, it was also very pure and freeing.


  1. Gorgeous work. Love the sense of transparency in "Through the Leaves" and, in "Hwy T, Door Co," how you've contrasted the young, vibrant life in the foreground with the old, irrelevant barn that looks like its physically in pain. The talk of buildings falling down brought this to mind: "The great tree is cut down. It is done, and a change has come over the landscape; the space that for generations has been filled with leafy branches in now white and empty air. I know of no more melancholy sight - indeed, to this day I detest seeing a tree felled; it always reminds me of the sudden and violent death of a man." -H. Rider Haggard, "A Farmer's Year," 1899.