Nature Studies at MOWA at St. John's on the Lake

Katie Musolff and Lynne Railsback are two watercolor painters who depict the natural world in delicate and intricate detail. Musolff’s paintings of butterflies, birds, bugs, and other creatures have an Audubon-esque quality. Railsback approaches her work with a botanist’s eye, creating a colorful canon of paintings of flowers, leaves, roots, and branches. This exhibition celebrates the organic world with precision and beauty. 

Meet the Artists
Thursday, October 20 | 7:00
This exhibition takes place at Saint John's On The Lake, 1800 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202 

Rittenhouse Philadelphia, Armonk New York and Mushrooms

Upcoming Shows

Rittenhouse Fine Art Show, Philadelphia PA
September 16-18
Rittenhouse Square

Armonk Art Show, New York
September 24 & 25
Saturday & Sunday  10am–5pm
205 Business Park Dr., Armonk, NY

It's super wet in our region of Wisconsin, so my booth with have a healthy dose of mushrooms. They are one of my favorite things to paint, so I hope folks get a kick out of them.

Coming the Old Town Chicago and The Milwaukee Lakefront Festival

New work is here. Look on Available works page.
Old Town, Chicago June 11-12
Lakefront Festival of the Arts, June 17-19 (Happy Father's Day)
Hope you see you there.

Summer has arrived, along with the bugs, turtles, birds and new work

Moth collecting and documenting

Ah, yes, it has been a trying year so far but now I am beginning to thaw out from the obstacles that life granted my family. Every one seems to have survived and now it's time for me to get back to work, which feels good. Better than good. My paintings are more intense, more precise. Perhaps it's a way of gaining a sense of control..... like scrubbing down the oven.  (I should do that too). New work is pouring out of me, which is necessary because the art festival season has started.  

You can see the newest of the new at Chicago's Old Town Art Fair on June 11-12 and Milwaukee's Lakefront Festival of the Arts on June 17-19.  (More pictures coming)

Old Souls: Andy Fletcher and Katie Musolff at Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee Wisconsin

This is Andy's and my first show at Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We delivered over 70 paintings that we've made in the last year. We are thrilled to have our work in such a great space. May this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The show runs from Feb 12 - March 13
Opening reception, Saturday, Feb 13 2 - 4pm

Painting of Noah by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher

Noah. By Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher
Thank you everyone for coming to the unveiling of this painting. Here is an image of the entire piece. It measures 4 by 6 feet and is done in oil. This project was dreamed up and commissioned by Pastor Mark  McDonough.

The question every other person asked was "How did you and Andy both work on this peice?" Well, once it was designed and approved, I drew it on the canvas and got it to a point of stability with the basic layout of the people and the biggest animals. Then, we handed it back and forth. Sometimes we tip toed around each other's work, sometimes we went right over it. We got braver and more confident as it went on. There was some ego clashing, but it was mild and probably comical to other artists, even if it didn't feel like it at the time. At the ver end, we worked on it side by side, bringing everything up to the same level. Andy is responsible for the polished look of it - he was much more of a stickler for perfection, even though I thought he was crazy at times.  But I think what held it together was that we both really trusted each other's ability and sensibility, even if we didn't always agree.  It took over two years to complete it. We are both incredibly proud of ourselves for pulling this off.

The painting will be on permanent view at Calvary Presbyterian Church at 935 W. Wisconsn Ave. Milwaukee WI 53233  (414) 271-8782
There are limited edition, signed prints for sale at the church as well. All proceeds got directly to Calvary. The prints are 18 x 24 in and are on acid free paper. They cost $30. Contact the church for more details.

Noah Painting to be Unveiled! November 22

New Painting Collaboration by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher.

Andy Fletcher and Katie Musolff have been working for the past two years on a painting of Noah's Ark for Calvary Presbyterian Church.  They were married there by Pastor Mark McDonough in 2013. He told them of this image he had cultivated in his mind's eye of Noah, his family and the animals emerging from the Ark for the first time and suggested that it would make for a great painting.  Since they owed him for a few favors and got a discount on the ceremony, they started in on the epic undertaking. Working side by side, on the same canvas, it has finally been completed and ready to present to the church.
We are inviting you to come and welcome the painting to it's new home. There will be an opening for it at Calvary Presbyterian Church on Sunday, November 22 from 2-4 pm.
935 W. Wisconsn Ave. Milwaukee WI 53233
(414) 271-8782

There will be signed prints available at the church for sale. All proceeds go directly to Calvary Presbyterian.