Painting of Noah by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher

Noah. By Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher
Thank you everyone for coming to the unveiling of this painting. Here is an image of the entire piece. It measures 4 by 6 feet and is done in oil. This project was dreamed up and commissioned by Pastor Mark  McDonough.

The question every other person asked was "How did you and Andy both work on this peice?" Well, once it was designed and approved, I drew it on the canvas and got it to a point of stability with the basic layout of the people and the biggest animals. Then, we handed it back and forth. Sometimes we tip toed around each other's work, sometimes we went right over it. We got braver and more confident as it went on. There was some ego clashing, but it was mild and probably comical to other artists, even if it didn't feel like it at the time. At the ver end, we worked on it side by side, bringing everything up to the same level. Andy is responsible for the polished look of it - he was much more of a stickler for perfection, even though I thought he was crazy at times.  But I think what held it together was that we both really trusted each other's ability and sensibility, even if we didn't always agree.  It took over two years to complete it. We are both incredibly proud of ourselves for pulling this off.

The painting will be on permanent view at Calvary Presbyterian Church at 935 W. Wisconsn Ave. Milwaukee WI 53233  (414) 271-8782
There are limited edition, signed prints for sale at the church as well. All proceeds got directly to Calvary. The prints are 18 x 24 in and are on acid free paper. They cost $30. Contact the church for more details.

Noah Painting to be Unveiled! November 22

New Painting Collaboration by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher.

Andy Fletcher and Katie Musolff have been working for the past two years on a painting of Noah's Ark for Calvary Presbyterian Church.  They were married there by Pastor Mark McDonough in 2013. He told them of this image he had cultivated in his mind's eye of Noah, his family and the animals emerging from the Ark for the first time and suggested that it would make for a great painting.  Since they owed him for a few favors and got a discount on the ceremony, they started in on the epic undertaking. Working side by side, on the same canvas, it has finally been completed and ready to present to the church.
We are inviting you to come and welcome the painting to it's new home. There will be an opening for it at Calvary Presbyterian Church on Sunday, November 22 from 2-4 pm.
935 W. Wisconsn Ave. Milwaukee WI 53233
(414) 271-8782

There will be signed prints available at the church for sale. All proceeds go directly to Calvary Presbyterian. 

Newer Work, Done with the Show Season

Summer is over. Fall is pretty much over. I have been resting a little and chasing down the last of anything colorful and alive to paint. Winter means brown paintings for me, so I am scraping up the last of the turning leaves out of puddles and recording their color before it's gone forever.

This last show season was great. I had a lot of success and need to thank everyone so so much. People tell me over and over how much they like what I do and I really do take it seriously.  It is such a high to put on a show and get such positive responses. People tell me stories, they show me pictures in their phones of bugs and I get a kick out of all of it. I love talking to people about their bird stories and freezer confessions.  I also take pleasure in creeping people out a bit if they don't like the work and think it's gross. I can always see it on their faces when they come int he booth, like they stepped in something nasty with their shoe. "Ewww", they say. 
Oh well.

It's summer, it's show season….

Almighty Rhubarb
Okay, So, Art Festival Season is up and running. We are in a different city every weekend. That makes it hard to keep this blog up to date, so forgive me. Here's something you might not think about…… Along with show season comes show stress dreams.  On bad nights, my mind manufactures terrible tragedies that could happen at the next outdoor art fair…… a huge storm, parts of the tent go missing, all my work got left back at home and those are just the normal ones. In one dream, my tent fell off a huge cliff and rolled and rolled until it was nothing but rubble. Why was the art show on a cliff, don't know.  So, keep this in mind when you walk around your next art fair……..

Schedule for the near future
OLD TOWN ART FAIR, Chicago June 13-14

Two Shows, Milwaukee WI and Winona MN

People ask me all the time if I have a website and I always say, "Yes I do, but like most artist websites, it's very rarely kept up or updated. It guess when you are busy painting, framing, putting up shows, taking them down, planning the next…. the last thing on my to do list is 'update the blog'". And I shrug my shoulders as I pass them my card.  Might as well be upfront about it.  I have no idea how other people do it.

But, here are some new works and some information on two shows.

First Show: BEANS and BARLEY

New Work by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher
The art is located in the restaurant.
1901 E. North Ave. Milwaukee WI
(414) 278-7878
On Display from now to Mid-March

Second Show:Winona Arts Center

River Journal: Birds
The Winona Arts Center is located at 228 E. 5th Street. 
Gallery hours are Wednesdays from 4-7pm, Fridays from 3-6pm or by appointment. For additional information, please contact Mary Coughlan at 608-0525-0050.
Opening Saturday, January 24th. 1-3pm.

This show will feature all bird images that I've made from the area.

Summer Chaos

Garden Gives Birth to Turtles, $4000
Does this look chaotic to you? This is how my summer feels.  Please have patience with me getting back to you if you are emailing about available work. We are traveling with the Art Fair circuit and trying to make new work at the same time.  Every time we get back home, there are a million new things for me to paint.  But I will take it as it comes.

End of the Year and in Transition

Works in Progress.
When all the running around slows down from the summer and the night time darkness stretches over parts of the day, I hunker down and start making some bigger work.  None of it is going to get done for a few more months, but here is what is cooking. 

Also, I have an opening coming up in Waukesha WI, Saturday, Jan 4th
I am teaching a Weekend Workshop on Portrait Painting in La Crosse, WI  on January 11 and 12
Click on CALENDAR OF EVENTS for details.
Happy New Year.

 DiSciascio's Restaurant,  Oil on Canvas, 20 x 30 inches.
This is a painting of the interior of DiSciascio's Restaurant in Coon Valley, WI. Andy and I discovered this place only a few years ago and immediately got sucked into the people and atmosphere. Now, we know that it is closing and so I decided to plant myself at the end of the bar and paint the joint.  One by one we are getting all the key players painted in. Obviously there is Lou, then Gloria, Kyle, and Nick. Marty still needs to be put in on the other end of the bar, crunching numbers. We are getting requests for prints and so I will make sure to have some made.

Lydia, Arcylic on Canvas, 50 x 28 inches.
This is Lydia. She is the latest in my Pearl Street Project series. I'd say we are about half way done.  Christmas slowed our sittings down but we'll pick back up after school starts. 

 Noah's Ark, Oil on canvas, 33 x 60 inches
                                                                                                                                                                                                  You always see paintings of the outside of Noah's Ark but never the inside. This is a commission from Calvary Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee. Andy and I got married there this last September and we traded our wedding ceremony for a painting.  This image is from the inner workings of the brain of Paster Mark McDonough. He told me what he pictured in his mind and we are painting to his vision. It's really a great release to paint from nothing essentially, no model, no stillife, just the thin air.