A Full and Furious Spring

Suspended Harvest

Spare Parts

 Art Fair Schedule, June-August 2024

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago IL, June 8-9
Lakefront Festival of the Arts, Milwaukee WI, June 14-16
Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines IA, June 28-30
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor MI, July 18-20
Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, Charlevoix MI, August 10

Snooooooowed In


The farm is layered in roughly three feet of snow. There's not much to do but eat, sleep, drink, eat, play records and paint. Under the snow, our 15 acres hold new prairie seeds that are sleeping too. Soon enough, they will start their next phase of life and I'll have a lot more to paint. New things are happening. This is the time when I start the new crop of large work. It can be a tedious time strung together by many a late night in the winter darkness.  So, reach out and see what's heating up. 
Happy New Year.

Last Show, Louisville Kentucky

 Okay, here it comes.... 

The last Art Fair of the Year! St. James in Louisville Kentucky, Oct 6-8. Booth 209.

When people ask how this year has been, I always pause. At first I think of all the loss we experienced during the first part of the year, and then I think of all the positive things that have happened as we try to move on. Then I realize that I have been taking too long to answer. The person inquiring gives me a look of concern and I have to decide how much to actually say. It's different every time.


Things are better. The shows have gone great. Everyone seems so supportive and I feel like I've grown especially close to some really extraordinary people in my life. The farm is coming along. The barns are now yellow and our first prairie plants have begun to flower. Also, I have buckets of sweet peppers coming out of the garden. Things are good.

Also, we are now on Instagram @paintingisdeadgallery

Moving On

 This spring has been like no other. Our poor family suffered a lot a pain after loosing a few key members who were the heart and steadying forces of the Fletcher Family. For weeks, we stopped painting to give ourselves completely to Andy's mom, who came home for hospice care. She passed on Easter and shortly after that we lost our brother in law in the most tragic way. Andy and I hadn't been in our studios for the longest time. But in late April, we returned to settle in and get ready for the summer show season. When you see us, we will look a little ragged, I am sure. So be patient and gentle - we are doing our best. 

For my part, I will have less work but it's been made with the same about of love, curiosity and strength.

Also, we are now on *sigh* Instagram under Painting Is Dead Gallery

We have a hectic Art Festival Schedule:

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago. June 10-11 website

Lakefront Festival of Art, Milwaukee WI. June 16-18 website

Des Moines Art Festival, Des Moines IA. June 23-25 website

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor MI. July 20-22 website

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, Charlevoix MI. August 12 website

Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO. Sept website

St. James Court Art Show, Louisville KY, Oct 6-8 website

Show at Tory Folliard Gallery Opens March 4th, Milwaukee Wisconsin

The last time we showed at Tory Folliard Gallery was in February of 2020. Then the world shut down, so it's awfully good to be back with a new perspective and new work. Andy Fletcher and I will have side by side solo shows. The opening is Saturday, March 4th, 1-4pm. Details below.

For Her Pleasure

Unfair Advantage

No Matter What the Consequences


End of the Year

    Well folks, here is my end of the year round up. We had the most hectic and successful year to date. In 2020, we swore that we would never return to our overwhelming schedule. We had tasted solitude and liked it. Balance became the word we worshiped. 
    And then 2022's ambitions kicked us into high gear and our good intentions faded away. Now, Andy and I are writing a book, and the art festivals were bonkers. People wanted new work. Our barns are getting redone, the prairie restoration will start, the days fill up so fast. 
    Our spirits were dampened when we lost Andy's grandma, Lenore in August. They were as close as could be, talking every day. She added a depth to our lives that only a loving, wise yet humble 90+ year German Lutheran could. We spent every holiday with her. I was privileged to cook in her kitchen. I had to pass many a test to gain proper entry. She had designed it approx 79 years ago and had been living alone since the mid 1960's. So it was HER kitchen. But in the last few years, I cooked huge special meals in it, using her 75 year old gas stove while she perched on her red chair and watched. I even made a giant steamed steak and kidney pudding in some of her stoneware. One of my favorite memories is passing her the mixing bowl to lick after I made some brownies. I snapped a picture of her puffy white hair tucked into the bowls opening. She looked like a kid.
    Below are some of my favorite pieces that I created over the last 12 months. 
'Sins Not Yet Forgiven' was made for the Birds in Art show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson  Art Museum in Wausau Wisconsin. I made it to reflect the division in our country due to the fact that we are so dug into our positions. It was the first time I wrote a very direct and passionate artist statement to accompany a painting and it felt AMAZING.
Here it is: 

"Don’t you think now would be a good time to admit that perhaps you were wrong, apologize and ask for forgiveness? After all, can you honestly say that you played no part in just how strange things have become? Not even a small one? Pride gets in the way of so many potentially meaningful moments. We cling to the thinnest threads of it to keep from admitting our mistakes, lest we open ourselves up to criticism; Criticism that would force us to actually contemplate making a change. But a change is needed because this can’t keep happening over and over and over. It may only get worse. Everyone must agree to lay their swords down on the ground and back away slowly at roughly the same time. Only then can we look one another in the eye, take a breath and start over. Maybe you should consider going first."

I had to shoot a few pigeons this year. They refused, REFUSED to leave the barn once it was repaired. I tried everything to make them miserable first so that they would leave on their own accord, but 3 were too stubborn. Let it be known I am a terrible marksman and put many a pellet in the tall timbers of our barn. Here is one of them, right on my table. That's how the sausage is made folks. I've never shot anything before this. Actually I planned on eating it but after painting it for hours, took a pass.

I just loved this composition. I finished it on Easter and  titled it so. Death and rebirth are so real in it. The church uses butterflies as a symbol of Christ emerging from the tomb. It's sold.

This one is called 'Butt-first, the news'. I was listening to NPR when the top of the hour news came around. They actually said, "But first, the news" and I laughed so hard. Meanwhile I had these little mice already painted with no idea of where to take the piece. Then it all clicked into place. I remember holding up in front of my face when Andy walked into my studio and saying "Butt-first, the NEWS!", in my best radio voice and thinking how hilarious I was. It's sold.

'Making a Wish'. Some of my favorite paintings are struggles. They start with one idea and then come to a dead end. For this one, I found the duck head by the Mississippi River. An eagle had eaten most of it. Just the head and wings clung to the skeletal frame. I took a hedge clippers and cut through the neck. I had the head laid out on my painting table at the cabin when our neighbor, Big Dave, came by to check in. He didn't even blink an eye at the grotesque scene. Of course, the viewer sees none of this. What is left is a peaceful looking duck. I strung along the Scilla blooms like thought bubbles, melodies, secrets and then wishes - the invisible made visible.
'The Annual Vole' Every year I get one lone vole at the cabin. It always winds up in a mouse trap in December. Why only one? I didn't sell this painting until nearly the last show. I was rooting for it the whole time, it's so quirky.

'Owl Dream' I worked on this painting for nearly three years and sold it at the first art show of the year to a woman who just bought a house. She didn't have a stick of furniture but had to get this painting to go above the mantel. I was so incredibly touched and sad. I was hoping to show a lot more people this piece. I told her I'd write her a letter explaining the whole behind the scenes story on it and I still haven't done it yet. It weighs on me. I will. I promise. I'm a good letter writer.

This is a sneak peak of something in the works..................

And Finally, our granary is getting insulated and resided. It is at least 120 years old and is super solid. We hope to make it an apartment/crash pad/ spare studio.... maybe for future students.

One more picture of our Lenore wearing a hat that Andy got her.
'Under this hat is one hellava Grandma'


Official Summer and Fall Schedule is Set

2022 Art Festivals

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago IL
June 11-12

Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, IA
June 24-26

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor, MI
July 21-23
Charlevoix Waterfront Art fair, Charlevoix, MI
August 13
Saint Louis Art Fair, Saint Louis, MO
September 9-11

St. James Court, Louisville KY
September 30- October 2