Official Summer and Fall Schedule is Set

2022 Art Festivals

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago IL
June 11-12

Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines, IA
June 24-26

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor, MI
July 21-23
Charlevoix Waterfront Art fair, Charlevoix, MI
August 13
Saint Louis Art Fair, Saint Louis, MO
September 9-11

St. James Court, Louisville KY
September 30- October 2

Good bye 2021, Hello long quiet winter.

 I want to thank everyone so so much for all of the support. This was my best year by far, when it came to selling work. I have never felt so missed, respected and loved. It was a treasure to come back to the shows and see the people I'd gotten so used to seeing every year. At first, I thought it was going to be the other artists that I missed most but I quickly realized that I've connected to some very special people through the work I make. It is all so wonderful and bizarre. But now winter is here, the wind is howling outside my studio and it's time to get back to work.

Show season is over, now where did I put my life......?

Studio at the farm. I am still feeding tomato hornworms in those bins on the floor.

This is a current state of my studio. It's a total mess. It shows signs of some one who stopped making art weeks ago and who only comes in to dump piles of stuff that can't stay on the kitchen table. (No feathers, nests or dead bugs on the kitchen table). Everything is either in a state of 'pause' or 'out of control'. But the shows are over and we are back at home to clean up our chaotic mess. But, hey, winter is long here in Wisconsin, so we'll have the time...... hopefully.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR AN AMAZING ART FAIR SEASON. This was by far my best year on the road. It seems like anyone who ever bought work from me came out to at least say hello and at the most, buy more work. It was a dizzy summer and I am so incredibly grateful for the support. I feel like my art really touches people and our year long absence from one another was truly felt. I have never felt so loved.

My painting table...look at all those tomato hornworm cocoons!


One LAST Show, St. James, Oct 1-3

So Full of Life

 Coming up this weekend, Oct 1-3, St. James Court Art Show- the website. I am sooooo tired. So I'll keep it short. Lots of new work! I'm pulling out all the stops. Booth 209.

Next Up, Cherry Creek: Sept 4-6

On the road again....... here we come Denver. Cherry Creek was moved to Sept (you know because Covid was supposed to be over with!) I'll be parked at Booth #201 with my mask on, fully vaccinated, ready to sell you art. Here's the website.

It's been hot and heavy in the garden and I've been making the most out of garden pests by capturing them and bringing them into the studio. I found 6 tomato hornworms on our 60 or so plants, to that's not too bad. They are so darn wondrous and beautiful to paint. Man, do they poop a lot (painted that too)

Hatched out Tomato Hornworm Moth from the Garden.

Shape Shifter

Summer Shows in Full Swing

Ann Arbor, the Original, July 15-17th

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, August 14

 Summer shows are, for the most part, happening. So come on out and pay us a visit. I don't think I've ever had so much work to show before.......

Old Town Art Fair is ON!!! June 12-13 in Chicago.

 It's been so long since I've been in an art show and so we've been waiting patiently for the first one to be confirmed. And it has! Old Town Art Fair in Chicago is June 12-13. Visit their website.

I am thrilled to get a chance to set up my booth again. My husband, Andy, and I were getting very used to being homebodies and toiling away in our studios. As the weather started on warm up, we were only half looking forward to hitting the road again. It seems we were getting used to the idea of hunkering down on the farm. But once I heard that the show was on, I felt a volt of excitement flush through my body. I can't wait to see my artist friends and show everything I've been making.