Finally Turned on the Heat in the House

Painting the very last sunflower, now they are officially bird food.

This is the happiest tomato I met this summer, and Yes, I painted him. It's a him, I'm pretty sure.

If you came to the farm this summer, tomatoes were forced upon you. We grew over 3500 of them.

Recognize some of those tarps? They are our show tents and it's the only time they got used this year.... Sigh.... to keep the frost from killing the peppers and tomaotes.

 So, the temperature is majorly dropping tonight. The garden is just about done, with the hardiest to scrape through for few more weeks or so. I'm doing more night painting with less daylight and the stress to paint everything inch of still green life is growing stronger. Every year, I do this to myself. I demand that I paint everything I couldn't get to during the summer. My studio fills with jars of nearly dead flowers that I keep on life support for the sake of my art. And yet, everyday, I scold myself for failing to catch all the falling leaves and check the weather for killing temps. Never mind that I've worked my butt off all summer gardening and painting, but the feeling of on-coming cold and darkness really comes on thick. Deep breath. I will do what I can do...... at least I made my bed this morning.