River Journal, opening and new work

5 Legged Katydid
Mini Perch
Back to the Crappie Hole
Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel
On September 2nd, I had an opening featuring the River Journal work at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center in Brookfield Wisconsin.  It was hot and muggy and the air conditioning broke down but still, people were brave and came anyway.(THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME)  I was a little nervous, seeing at it was all new work, going in a new direction and I had never really done that kind of thing before - made that kind of change and then stand there and see if people except it.  But I made it and the responses where more than I could have hoped for.

I hung 49 new pieces and watched as folks took to time to read the journal entries written on them.  How invasive, but of course I was asking for it.  I was most sensitive about the writing, painting I know I can do, writing, I think I can do.  But I was very encouraged by all of the responses, so the wind is now at my back and I am doing more. I have no choice, I have another show in a week.... here's what I have that's new so far.