Coming the Old Town Chicago and The Milwaukee Lakefront Festival

New work is here. Look on Available works page.
Old Town, Chicago June 11-12
Lakefront Festival of the Arts, June 17-19 (Happy Father's Day)
Hope you see you there.

Summer has arrived, along with the bugs, turtles, birds and new work

Moth collecting and documenting

Ah, yes, it has been a trying year so far but now I am beginning to thaw out from the obstacles that life granted my family. Every one seems to have survived and now it's time for me to get back to work, which feels good. Better than good. My paintings are more intense, more precise. Perhaps it's a way of gaining a sense of control..... like scrubbing down the oven.  (I should do that too). New work is pouring out of me, which is necessary because the art festival season has started.  

You can see the newest of the new at Chicago's Old Town Art Fair on June 11-12 and Milwaukee's Lakefront Festival of the Arts on June 17-19.  (More pictures coming)