Plein Air Workout

Amish Sunday

Genoa Bluff

Stubborn tree and house

So, I have to prepare for this coming Door County Plein Air event in July. Here are some of my better attempts.  If there is one thing I have learned from dating a hard-core plein air painter, it is that I am just not built for exposing myself to the elements for the sake of art.  If I am cold- then that is all I can think about, if the sun and wind dry out my paint - then I get furious, and God help me if there are mosquitoes. 

I much prefer my portrait painting ventures, where I go into some one's comfy house, they ask if I want coffee, I say 'yes, thank you' and we sit, enjoy each others' company and I get to paint. Doesn't that sound so much better? Oh, but where's the romance in that? We must suffer as artists,  paint while standing in the pounding rain, work for hours in a dingy studio with bad lighting and no heat and be a slave to our overwhelming desire to create, no matter what the circumstances. 

Yes, I take cream and sugar, you are too kind.