The Pearl Street Project

It's done! Actually it's been done for a week or so now but, here it is, the first painting of the Pearl Street Project.  I have so many good stories that need repeating from painting Chink, my closest neighbor.  If you see me, ask for one, I love telling them.  Chink couldn't believe I actually finished it, every time I chose to re-work an area, he'd get confused.... as if to think that once I put a layer of paint down, that was it for that spot.  When I worked back in to something, he's lecture me, saying that I "wasn't gaining anything today". And I would just let out a deep sigh and give him an evil look because honestly, sometimes that's how painting feels.
Good news, Chink introduced me to the next neighbors and they are both game, so I'll start on them soon.  It's so exciting when you hatch a plan and it actually starts to work!
The Pearl Street Project
update 3-2-10
So, I am almost done with this painting. I plan to be finished with the sittings by this coming Friday.  Chink is being a good sport.  We sat a listened to an interview with Michael Perry on NPR today and he ordered us a pizza.  I am trying to paint some gold finches outside the window at the feeders.  They were visiting us like crazy two weeks ago but of course, now that I need them, they are pretty sparse.  But they are slowly turning more golden as the weather warms which is refreshing.  I want to get the feeling of movement and elusiveness from them in the painting to play off of the steadiness of Chink.  He is a constant guy.