The Pearl Street Project

Here it is, the beginning of the next painting if the next neighbor, Carol.   It's coming along pretty smoothly, which always makes me weary.  I know it will go downhill at some point and I'll have to rescue it.  She's sitting in her parlor with the sun steaming in behind her which bleaches out everything and it makes me think that I'll stay kind of minimal with the heavy painting in order to keep the light feel.  I joke that she is seated on her throne and she says that she never thinks of herself in that way.  Carol loves to talk and give advice but not in a bossy way, she's gentle, honest and direct.  Her husband Keith hangs about and watches sometimes.  We'll see if he ever sits for a piece himself.  I have my doubts but I like having him around because he seems to know more about the Mississippi river and all the animals that live within it than anyone else I know.  I have so much to learn from him.