Last Show, Louisville Kentucky

 Okay, here it comes.... 

The last Art Fair of the Year! St. James in Louisville Kentucky, Oct 6-8. Booth 209.

When people ask how this year has been, I always pause. At first I think of all the loss we experienced during the first part of the year, and then I think of all the positive things that have happened as we try to move on. Then I realize that I have been taking too long to answer. The person inquiring gives me a look of concern and I have to decide how much to actually say. It's different every time.


Things are better. The shows have gone great. Everyone seems so supportive and I feel like I've grown especially close to some really extraordinary people in my life. The farm is coming along. The barns are now yellow and our first prairie plants have begun to flower. Also, I have buckets of sweet peppers coming out of the garden. Things are good.

Also, we are now on Instagram @paintingisdeadgallery