Winding Down..... almost

Last Shows of the Season:
Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO - Sept 20-22
St. James Court, Louisville, KY - Oct 5-7

Time for the final push.... push, push, push. Squeezing out the last good ideas from my brain onto the last paintings to finish as the daylight hours grow fewer. More, more more. Two more shows, then one... then I can breathe. Don't forget to paint those cool peppers from the garden before we make pasta sauce tonight. Remember, you caught that moth, don't forget to paint it before dark so you can let it go. Oh no, that sun flower is going to seed, quick, paint it before it drops anymore petals. Call your mother, do the laundry, make time for the quiet things..... Nope, no time. Sorry mom, those pants are clean enough, slam that drink.
Enjoy that last of the fall work.
See you in Kansas City and Louisville.

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