Duck Hunting

(details from unfinished duck paintings)

The gunshots finally stopped yesterday and, just like that, duck hunting season came to an end. And to add to the finale, the temperature plummeted so that the Bay of Stoddard was completely frozen over. There were at least six brave/stupid men out there to testing their fate and getting a leg up on the ice fishing season. Some local folks keep me stocked up on ducks, so I have a box of frozen specimens in the garage. It won't be above freezing for weeks, so there's no rush.

I wanted to thank everyone for a successful year. This one has been especially hard because of family turmoil. I am sorry I had to cancel so many shows and commitments. But let me say, everyone was very sympathetic and forgiving. On top of it all, the shows I did have went great. Andy and I started working with Tory Folliard Gallery and our work has gone over extremely well there.  

So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays. Let's take this time to come together. We've been so ripped apart.



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