Newer Work, Done with the Show Season

Summer is over. Fall is pretty much over. I have been resting a little and chasing down the last of anything colorful and alive to paint. Winter means brown paintings for me, so I am scraping up the last of the turning leaves out of puddles and recording their color before it's gone forever.

This last show season was great. I had a lot of success and need to thank everyone so so much. People tell me over and over how much they like what I do and I really do take it seriously.  It is such a high to put on a show and get such positive responses. People tell me stories, they show me pictures in their phones of bugs and I get a kick out of all of it. I love talking to people about their bird stories and freezer confessions.  I also take pleasure in creeping people out a bit if they don't like the work and think it's gross. I can always see it on their faces when they come int he booth, like they stepped in something nasty with their shoe. "Ewww", they say. 
Oh well.

1 comment:

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