Two Shows, Milwaukee WI and Winona MN

People ask me all the time if I have a website and I always say, "Yes I do, but like most artist websites, it's very rarely kept up or updated. It guess when you are busy painting, framing, putting up shows, taking them down, planning the next…. the last thing on my to do list is 'update the blog'". And I shrug my shoulders as I pass them my card.  Might as well be upfront about it.  I have no idea how other people do it.

But, here are some new works and some information on two shows.

First Show: BEANS and BARLEY

New Work by Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher
The art is located in the restaurant.
1901 E. North Ave. Milwaukee WI
(414) 278-7878
On Display from now to Mid-March

Second Show:Winona Arts Center

River Journal: Birds
The Winona Arts Center is located at 228 E. 5th Street. 
Gallery hours are Wednesdays from 4-7pm, Fridays from 3-6pm or by appointment. For additional information, please contact Mary Coughlan at 608-0525-0050.
Opening Saturday, January 24th. 1-3pm.

This show will feature all bird images that I've made from the area.

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