The Pearl Street Project - Carol

Carol, continued.
So, this painting has gone through a lot.  I haven't posted it for a while and if you scroll down to the last image of it, you'll see the difference. Not only did the painting itself progress, but the canvas size was altered. I felt that there was too much empty space surrounding the figure and that it seemed like filler, so I lopped off a few inches on the right and left sides, a good choice in my opinion.  The painting isn't quite done yet. I had this project put on display at the Museum of WI Art for a while and it caused me to pause the project for that time.
And what a thing it is: to physically be restrained from finishing a painting for months and then go back to it.  I feel like I'm a different person since when I last painted on this, so now what? I want to breathe a different sense of life into it, but do you do that when it is already so far along?  I will. I feel braver and I can see how the changes might happen. Thank God Carol is patient.

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