Last Updated December 28 2022. Sizes and prices include the frame. Those without prices, just inquire.
If there is something you want to reserve, please call/text 414-651-3463.

NOTE: I have not updated this by adding new images. I am really sorry but inventory is LOW and I have a heavy show schedule in 2023 so I am keeping my cards close to my chest for a few months. Please be patient. I am painting a lot, I promise.

Tomato and Basil Heaven, 14 x 11in, $850, Tory Folliard Gallery

Shape Shifter, $800

Temporary Removal of the Skunk Cabbage, $950

Monster or Miracle?

Born Fruit, 21 x 17 in, $1200, Tory Folliard Gallery

CORN CROP, Watercolor on Paper,  24 x 37 1/4" (framed), $3500 


Long Island Cheese Squash, $2000, 28 x 38 in.

Life Cycle Of an Amaryllis Bulb, 29.5 x 28 in, 

Crawfish, $200

Celestial Bodies,  36 x 29 in. $3000

Trout from Lake Superior, 21 x 28 in, $2000


Dogfish, $1600

Turtle Shells, 1800

Buck Head, $1800