Come On Joe

Joe started sitting for this portrait when in was nice and warm and sunny outside. Now that we both realize that winter is coming, we've been out there trying to get this painting done nearly every day. No time for problems to arise in the painting, strictly business.  You can find us out there from 11-1pm on Wisconsin Ave just outside the Pfister.  We see all sorts of people going by and commenting on the painting.  We also regularly see the Jesus-Mobile go by around lunchtime.  That guy in the station wagon (we all know who I am talking about) has a pretty regular schedule. Strictly business for him too.
You can always read more about what I'm doing at the Pfister by following THE PFISTER PROJECT BLOG.
Gallery Night this Friday
Come on by to the hotel this Friday, 5-10pm - my studio is open and I'll be there.  9-11:30 - the Rouge Ballroom is open for the Gallery Night After Party featuring the work of Eriks Johnson and Chris Miller. 


 Sometimes, I sneak into the Cafe for breakfast with my sketchbook and take advantage of the fact that people are innocently sitting down to eat and hold relatively still.  The first sketch is of a table of people from a few weeks ago when the American Legion was in town. The second one is from the luncheon when Rocco Landeson from the NEA visiting Milwaukee.