Moving On

 This spring has been like no other. Our poor family suffered a lot a pain after loosing a few key members who were the heart and steadying forces of the Fletcher Family. For weeks, we stopped painting to give ourselves completely to Andy's mom, who came home for hospice care. She passed on Easter and shortly after that we lost our brother in law in the most tragic way. Andy and I hadn't been in our studios for the longest time. But in late April, we returned to settle in and get ready for the summer show season. When you see us, we will look a little ragged, I am sure. So be patient and gentle - we are doing our best. 

For my part, I will have less work but it's been made with the same about of love, curiosity and strength.

Also, we are now on *sigh* Instagram under Painting Is Dead Gallery

We have a hectic Art Festival Schedule:

Old Town Art Fair, Chicago. June 10-11 website

Lakefront Festival of Art, Milwaukee WI. June 16-18 website

Des Moines Art Festival, Des Moines IA. June 23-25 website

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor MI. July 20-22 website

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, Charlevoix MI. August 12 website

Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO. Sept website

St. James Court Art Show, Louisville KY, Oct 6-8 website