Spring came early

Spring is in full bloom, here on the river. Life is bursting out from the ground and down from the sky. The pelicans are here in full force, the morels have popped up (although I have only found one), violets cover the forest ground, and the ants are back in the house. Our dog has new things to roll in, Andy and I are sneezing ourselves awake in the morning. Life is happening. And when it is like this, the painting is non stop for me. The area around my paper and paint is dotted with new feathers, egg shells and other little fragile things that demand to all get painting right then and there.

Some good news. Andy and I will be featured in a segment on Milwaukee Public Television, Channel 10 (Milwaukee PBS). It will air for the first time on Friday May 19 at 7:30 pm on the show "10thirtysix".  It will be featured in a wonderful magazine program that is called “10thirtysix”.  It will air again on Channel 10 on Sunday May 21 at 10:30 am, and on Monday May 22 11:30 pm. A day or two after it airs, the world will also be able to access the entire program on the Milwaukee PBS web site (MilwaukeePBS.org).

Essentially, we were interviewed about our lives as artists, living on the Mississippi River and how we make our lives work. Thanks to Dan Jones for tracking us down, convincing Andy to be on tv and interviewing us.