Digging for Potatoes

Digging for Potatoes

Hours Old


The Runt


Turtle Parade

Last week, Andy and I decided to split up the house and garden chores and so he went off the dig up our potatoes and I forget what I was supposed to do but shortly after starting, Andy called me over to see what he had discovered in the dirt.  I looked down and noticed the soil moving around in spooky sort of way and it took a second to register what we were seeing.  It turns out that he had come upon a turtle nest just as it was hatching. There they all were, 14 of them, some out of their eggs, some still in and a few in transition.  It as amazing to see. Andy just started laughing, to me he says, "I know what you are doing the rest of the day, get painting!"  So we gathered them in trays and gave them some water and sure as anything, I panted all 14.  We let them go in the river a few at a time and only one didn't make it, the runt.  I still cannot get over how miraculous the timing was in this venture. amazing.