Show season is over, now where did I put my life......?

Studio at the farm. I am still feeding tomato hornworms in those bins on the floor.

This is a current state of my studio. It's a total mess. It shows signs of some one who stopped making art weeks ago and who only comes in to dump piles of stuff that can't stay on the kitchen table. (No feathers, nests or dead bugs on the kitchen table). Everything is either in a state of 'pause' or 'out of control'. But the shows are over and we are back at home to clean up our chaotic mess. But, hey, winter is long here in Wisconsin, so we'll have the time...... hopefully.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR AN AMAZING ART FAIR SEASON. This was by far my best year on the road. It seems like anyone who ever bought work from me came out to at least say hello and at the most, buy more work. It was a dizzy summer and I am so incredibly grateful for the support. I feel like my art really touches people and our year long absence from one another was truly felt. I have never felt so loved.

My painting table...look at all those tomato hornworm cocoons!


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