The Last of the Garden

heirloom eggplant
tiny beets
     The last things we collected from the near frozen ground outside were some last ditch radishes.  Sad, it's all over. But, alas, the newest Seed Saver catalog came in the mail today. Tonight will be spent passing it back and forth with a pen in hand to circle next years potential harvest.  I miss green already.
    Our motto this fall, as far as the garden is concerned is, "Next Year." -often said with short authority.  One of us will make a suggestion to improve things like, "Maybe we should space out the tomatoes more" or "look at this recipe for red currant wine" or "we should plant an apple orchard". To that we say, "Next Year".  This statement is not meant to push things further off so as to not deal with them, no quite the opposite.  It is a vow to embrace all of the before mentioned possibilities with a fervent sense that we can do anything................................ next year.